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Business Insights and Strategies for  May 2022:

Sales Growth in Your Company during Business Hard Times

It is common truth that sales is the spearhead of a company.  This is because sales is the company’s profit centre that generates turnover and is a profit gateway for the company.  A business will not survive or last long because the sales function doesn’t work and generate sales revenues.  Therefore, it is very important to improve sales performance in your company so that your business can grow and your company can thrive.

To improve company’s sales performance, sales personnel must master all selling skills, from finding potential customers to maintaining the loyalty of the existing customers to the company that leads to sustained positive sales level.

What should your sales personnel do to improve their competencies?  What are the weak spots of your sales team that need to be addressed immediately?  How to manage sales team in a professional manner?  Why in a growing market, there are always very successful sales people and failed sales people?  How does your sales strategy counter the current market disruptions?

When you are in the midst of difficult market conditions, how can your sales team keep the spirit of selling and be productive in generating sales revenues?  What is the best solution?


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Timotius Tekisna Salim and BRILIENZE are the NATIONAL CHAMPION (3rd WINNER) of the National Competition of Healthy Local Business held in Year 2021;   covering aspects of: Finance, Branding, Marketing, Digital.   The Awarding Day was held on 21st January 2022  in Surabaya.

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