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Brilienze Talent


If you are the person who wants to make great contributions to the growth of Clients’ Businesses and Brilienze’s Vision to Create World Class Business Companies, you are the one I am looking for to Join Brilienze Winning Team. 

Brilienze is a business that Starts from Nothing to become Something and will Grow Continuously.  The team I am building is the WINNING TEAM. 

I never put a strong emphasis on resumes describing about the educational background and career portfolio from various companies.  My main focus is on:  Why you are the most qualified person and should be my Winning Team in Brilienze! 

Before you send your application, you should take a look at my website: 

What do you know about Brilienze and how can you contribute to the growth of Brilienze?  I want you to deeply understand the business Brilienze is running now and how Brilienze products and services can help clients’ businesses grow and produce great results for their companies. 

You must be the person who can bring in your talent, expertise, experience, relationships, spirit, great personality and positive attitude to help me grow Brilienze and the clients’ businesses.  You must be the person who can work and align with me and my goals. 

If you are not, you can not stay long in Brilienze. 

No matter what position you are applying for, you must possess all of these required fundamental characteristics: 

1.  You are the person who likes working in the area of problem-solving and creative-thinking; and not in the condition of working because of money.  If you want to join Brilienze as an opportunity to build up a career portfolio, to increase a fixed salary, and to have a job with the secure and permanent contract, you can stop reading here. 

2.  Brilienze Winning Team has a full-time job and responsibility.  Normal working hours start from 8.30 to 5.30 (Monday to Friday);  however, working hours will always depend on Brilienze business needs, activities and events.  Therefore, you must always be ready to work beyond normal working hours.  If you are looking for a comfortable, normal clock-in and clock-out job, you do not fit in. 

3.  You must be able to follow my instructions and start doing right away and give results.  If I need to tell you more than once and keep explaining what and how to do your job, you do not fit in. 

4.  You must be the person who is capable of working in details, meticulous, problem-solving type, skillful, competent, broad-minded, mature, accountable, and proactive to seek solutions even when you are not asked to provide a solution to a specific issue.  If you do not like targets, cannot work fast, and unwilling to produce more than expected, you do not fit in. 

5.  You must be a team player and understand the importance of coordination, communication and collaboration.  If you think you can do all by yourself and cannot communicate effectively, you do not fit in. 

6.  You must be able to speak and write English as Brilienze wants to help all business owners and company leaders around the globe.  You must at least have good knowledge of microsoft office (word, excel, powerpoint).  You must have your own reliable computer and internet access resource.  If you expect to learn first and then do the job, and the facilities to be provided, you do not fit in. 

7.  You must be the person willing to work for a long-term position, grow together with Brilienze and focus to produce the best outcome.  If you just want for a short-term trial while looking for or waiting for another outside opportunity to show up, you do not fit in. 

8.  You must have good time-management and self-management skills as you will be working from home or remotely most of the time.  Physical meeting and attendance will be needed based on Brilienze business activities and events.  You can always work and keep producing results under zero supervision.  If you expect to work like in an office with all the facilities and under supervision, you do not fit in and don’t apply. 

9.  No matter what professional background you come from:  insurance, banking, distribution and logistics, start-up companies with strong customers data management skills, or even from your own business company; If you are a daily-routine doer and have no access to business relationships, you do not fit in. 

If you meet these required fundamental characteristics, you may be a good fit in these positions: 

1.  Business Development Team 

In charge of  building brand, creating business channels, bridging relationship with potential clients, growing business revenues, and making regular daily reports showing your activities and results.  You are also experienced in running business exhibition and becoming the sales team in the exhibition both virtual and on-the-venue exhibition.  You must have a strong background and close relationship with business owners and company leaders and know well how to help them grow their businesses with Brilienze products and services.

2.  Marketing Team

In charge of designing and creating promotional and ads contents to run online, digital, and social media marketing activities; and making regular daily reports showing your activities and results.  You are also experienced in running business exhibition and becoming the sales team in the exhibition both virtual and at-the-venue exhibition.  You have strong experience in making creative marketing videos and mutual-benefit relationship with influencers.  You must bring in positive and constructive suggestions to improve Brilienze existing social media and digital ads.

If you think these positions and the fundamental requirements suit you, send your email together with your contact number(WA) to

Two important things must be submitted:

1.  Your video telling me:  “Why you are the most qualified person and should be my winning team in Brilienze”.

2.  Your detailed action plan telling me:  “How you are going to do your job and help me grow Brilienze business”.

Again, make sure you are the most qualified person I am looking for.  Sell me the very best of you.

Note :  I do not respond to any messages asking about the progress of the application evaluation.  Only the most qualified person will be notified and called for the interview.