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Brilienze Videos

Brilienze Videos :

Here are Brilienze Videos to provide you with a lot of great business insights (click the links):

1.   Brilienze Business Solutions

2.   New Way of Doing Business

3.   Mastering Financial Reports

4.   Make a Winning Business Plan

5.   Business Courses and Tutor

6.   Talk Show  –  Business in Technology Transformation

7.   Talk Show  –  Marketing and Sales Strategies

8.   Where to Find Solutions

9.   Handle Perusahaan dan Bisnis secara Efektif dan Efisien

10.  The Most Valuable and Affordable Business Learning Tool

11.  How to Set up Business System in Your Company


Are you thinking about expanding your business and improving your business performance?  Do you want to bring your business to the next level?  Call Brilienze and you’ll get all the solutions.  You will make it happen.

We Build Great Business and Make Wonderful Companies.  We Create Great Performance.

Timotius Tekisna Salim and BRILIENZE are the NATIONAL CHAMPION (3rd WINNER) of the National Competition of Healthy Local Business held in Year 2021;   covering aspects of: Finance, Branding, Marketing, Digital.   The Awarding Day was held on 21st January 2022  in Surabaya.

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