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Business Mastery and Enrichment Course


Seeing and hearing the rapid change of the business world which increasingly worries business players, thus the faster the business people and company management adapt and improve the required skills and competencies, the more capable they are to compete, progress, and even survive the global turmoil of the business world.

The business world is now entering a changing period that requires all business leaders and their management team to be responsive to upgrading skills, competencies, mindset, methods, systems and performance in all aspects of management, leadership, team, sales, marketing, HR, finance, operations, recruitment, strategy, method, control and monitor.

Business Mastery and Enrichment Course will give you complete concepts, skills, competencies, ways of analysis, mindset, and ability to make decisions that are right on target, efficient and strategic for the company and business.

Business Mastery and Enrichment Course is suitable for all levels in the company’s organization and is also suitable for business leaders and business owners.

Business Mastery and Enrichment Course consists of Course choices / sessions which are very effective and can be directly applied into the companies and businesses.  There are 32 subjects/topics you can choose to take from the course.  They cover the aspects of Management, Leadership, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Business Strategy, Investment, Process Flow, Business System, and Business Regeneration.

The value obtained from this business course is that you can directly and continuously apply it to the business.  You can modify, adjust, and develop it according to your business needs.

Learners will receive the Course handouts.  The “Certificate of Completion” is given after the Course is completed.

Instructor :   Timotius T. Salim

[ Consultant & Director of Brilienze Business Consultant ]

Time Length of Each Session :   from 1.5 hours to 3 hours  (based on the selected method).

Schedule  :   will be set together.

Method  :   One-on-One Online with Webex Meetings  –or–

Method  :   One-on-One Meeting (Offline).

Price  :   Special Promotion Rate.  (confirm now by calling or WA Brilienze)

Business Course can be held in English Language or in Bahasa. 

Timotius Tekisna Salim and BRILIENZE are the NATIONAL CHAMPION (3rd WINNER) of the National Competition of Healthy Local Business held in Year 2021;   covering aspects of: Finance, Branding, Marketing, Digital.   The Awarding Day was held on 21st January 2022  in Surabaya. 


For all the course subjects/topics and further info please call us at:  +62 857 1022 4000 .