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Corporate Seminar or Webinar


With the latest development in information and technology, many companies have been greatly helped in running their businesses.  Besides getting benefits of the information and technology advancement, it also enables the companies to be managed properly and professionally through a Business System.

A company has a number of departments, business divisions, individuals, business activities, work tools, assets, and business strategies.  To unify all these elements in order to function effectively and efficiently and to coordinate well, the Business System plays a major role.

The Business System can be of great advantage to a company in :

time efficiency,  improving productivity,  maintaining consistency,  improving performance,  solving problems,  growing business,  creating value,  controlling and monitoring.

A systemized company will be able to accelerate its business growth, increase business profitability, monitor and control business and management activities, maintain business efficiency, and ultimately increase shareholder’s/investor’s/business owner’s value.

With rapid advancement in scientific knowledge and technology, the Business System can successfully bridge companies to implementing systemation, automation, digitalization, robotics, AI into all of their business processes.  Ultimately, the company is ready to exercise corporate actions and hence boosts up its business value.

If your company is not clear about the Business System or is currently looking for a solution to build or create the Business System, this Seminar/Webinar will be a great solution for your compay.

The Seminar/Webinar of Business System describes the step-by-step of Building a Business System for your company.  The steps consist of 12 Pillars of Building a Business System.

Method :  Inhouse Seminar  –or–  Inhouse Webinar with Webex Meetings.

Time :  08.30 – 17.30 WIB.

Schedule :  to be Set Together.

Price Seminar :  Rp. 35.000.000,-

Price Webinar :  Rp. 27.500.000,-

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