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Entrepreneurs Webinar




The way you manage your finance will determine the LIFE and DEATH of your company and business.

This Financial Webinar will empower your Reporting, Analyzing, Strategizing, Deciding, and Implementing Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies.

Attendees will receive the Webinar Handouts and  “Certificate of Completion”  after the Webinar.

Promotional Period is valid only in October 2020.

Promotional Price :  Rp. 1.000.000,-   (for max 3 attendees).  [Indonesia Areas]

Promotional Price :  USD. 80.00   (for max 3 attendees).  [Outside Indonesia Areas]

Schedule :  will be set together.

Time Length :  4 hours (morning or afternoon).

Method :  ONLINE by using Webex Meetings.

Webinar Type :  Individual/Private/Inhouse.

Speaker / Host :  Timotius T. Salim  (Brilienze Director). 

Registration :  Click the Link below 

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